March 8, 2009

Watching Tv on computer articles

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First article about watching tv on computer.
Article about an ability to watch golf channel on pc.
Another article about golf channels online.

A possibility to watch arabic tv.

Tv on pc


February 22, 2009

Satellite TV Software For PC – Requirements

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We have spoken about software that allows you watching tv on computer in the previous post.

It can be installed both on desktop pc or a laptop.

Requirements for computer hardware:

1. Operating System

To properly run a tv watching software you’ll need to have one of these installed:

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows Vista (Home or Professional)


MAC users will need to use the X version with .exe files download abilities.

2. Computer Hardware

Hardware requirements for Watch TV on PC software are not so tough but it is recommended you read them.

So, any processor is acceptable but it’ll need to have at least 500Mhz on it. Minimimum 64Mb operating memory is needed to run the program but it is recommended to have 128 megabytes. Installing Watch TV on PC software will take 10Mb hard disc space. And the streaming won’t pause if you’ll have 200Mb free space while watching your favourite channel.

Requirements for Internet connection:

We suggest you to use a Watch TV on PC software on a broadband cable/DSL Internet connection with minimum 128Kb speed. This is needed for optimum performance. The fastest your connection will be the faster video will load and buffer. But! This will work even with 56Kb dial-up connection. But be informed that with this speed you”l have to wait a little bit longer to let your wideo stream.

You’ll find more information regarding this software here.

February 21, 2009

Can I Watch TV On My Computer?

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Today there is a simple alternative to a pricy satellite dish and a decoder.

Remember how hard it was to install a 18 inch satellite dish correctly to the right side? And a decoder that ate bunch of cards with their monthly and yearly fees going up so fast.
You can use a computer not only as an Internet browser or typing machine. Your laptop or desktop pc can be Your personal multimedia centre! If used the correct software and following to an easy step-by-step guide You can throw out Your big satellite system and enjoy the benefits if the 21st century.

How this stuff works?

Actually there are two ways how to get thousands worldwide channels to Your computer.

1. There a specialized hardware for pc’s called PCTV card. With them Your computer is like a decoder but without a dish and metres of wires. There are external and internal ones. The internal one looks like a PCI card and the external PCTV card is used to connect to the PC via USB. These cards receives satellite feeds.
This method costs some good money but it’s better and cheaper anyway.

2. The second way is to install the software on Your computer that allows You to stream satellite channels live directly to Your PC. You just need one program and an Internet connection to choose from variety of channels provided.

Based on personal experience and many reviews these three methods can be compared:

1. Standart satellite dish and decoder – It’s very pricy and sticky. It’s not easy to install one Yourself and You always depend on weather. Even little wind can ruin Your comfortable evening and turn off Your TV.

2. PCTV cards are good but it will cost You, too. For example Pinnacle PCTV Stic’s starting price is 150$ + also You’ll have to accept the another device connected to the PC.

3. Watch TV On PC software is great because You won’t need to buy any hardware or devices and It’s very easy to install on Your computer. You can watch over 12,000 channels from anywhere You want or connect Your computer to Your usual TV. That’s a huge plus but there is another one.

Let the prices speak for themselves – for example we’ll watch our satellite channels for two years:

1.Terk 18″ Satellite dish antenna with 3 LNB’s + CE LABS HD100AQ HDTV Digital Decoder + card&channels using fees = $86.16 + $229.99 + ~300 = $616,15

2.  DVBS-100 Satellite Tv Tuner Card + fees = $80.55 + ~$100 = $180.55

3.  Watch TVon PC Software = $44.95